Reasons to Choose Equity Investment October 11, 2012 Stock markets and anything related to them tend to be fearsome objects for people. This could explain the wariness of investors where equity investment is concerned. But the fact is that there are some decided advantages of putting your money into equity financing instead of letting it snooze away in a savings bank account or a fixed deposit. This is because, your money would not simply be gathering interest; it would be effectively growing with your investment. The company you have invested grows with time, and with it grows your dividend. The dividend, of course, depends on the growth of the. Investing in fixed deposits- the safest investments October 01, 2012 Fixed deposits FDs- still the most popular investments Investing in a fixed deposit is still the most popular way to save money. FDs were in demand since the time when they were first introduced in the Indian market, they still are. Even though the Indian investment market has introduced many new investment opportunities in the recent past, the craze to invest in the FDs has not shaded away. Considering their investing benefits, returns and safety features, the fixed deposits are considered as the first choice by many investors. Simply put, a FD is nothing but a particular amount of money tha. Fixed deposits- investing benefits October 01, 2012 Fixed deposits FDs has always been one of the most effective investment products, they still are. Thanks to their investing benefits, even today, people prefer to invest in the FDs from banks to fulfill personal financial goals. Fixed deposit schemes received appreciation since the time they were first introduced. Even today they are commonly considered by the investors as a tool to multiply money. With the FDs, the policy holder deposits a certain amount of money for certain period in the bank at a fixed rate of interest. The policy holder is not allowed to withdraw invested money till t. Bank Of Maharashtra (MAHABANK) - Power - Deals and Alliances Profile Bank of Maharashtra (BOM) is a publicaly held India based bank, offers banking and financial services including deposit products, credit facilities, NRI services, banking services and add-on services. The bank offers various deposit products including current deposits, saving deposits, fi. Factors that affect Florida CD rates August 31, 2012 Certificates of deposits commonly known as CD are some of the most secure and safe modes of investmen. In simple words, Certificate of Deposit is a kind of investment that guarantees you a fixed rate of interest until a specified maturity date. Therefore, if you want to be at the minimum end of the threat, CDs are the correct option for you. If you compare Florida CD rates with a regular saving account, you will discover that Florida CD rates are much higher because you agree to keep your money with the bank until the deposit maturity date. When interest rates on deposits are anticipated to ri. Recurring deposits are a good idea for young investors August 22, 2012 A recurring deposit is just like a fixed deposit except that instead of a lump sum payment you can invest in this on a monthly basis. The recurring deposit can be opened with a minimum of Rs 100 and its multiples. The minimum term for an RD is six months and maximum term is ten years. Recurring deposits are a good way for people to start investing as they can be linked to savings accounts. Once you give the bank, standing instructions, the money is directly debited from the account on a preset date each month. Banks offer a quarterly or half yearly interest on these deposits. When the re. Selecting a Bank Fixed Deposit August 03, 2012 Of the many investment options available, Bank Fixed Deposits are becoming increasingly popular among investors seeking healthy returns. The reason for this shift from more aggressive investment vehicles such as real estate and mutual funds is the turbulent financial conditions that have unfolded in the past few years. By investing in a Bank Fixed Deposit, the most important advantage is the promise of guaranteed returns and capital protection on your savings. Since the risk factor, generally present in other investment instruments, is virtually non-existent with a Fixed Deposit, you can be . Best way to compare different Florida CD rates July 26, 2012 The certificate of deposit, commonly known as CD is a kind of deposit that guarantees you a fixed rate of interest until a specified maturity date. The Florida CD rates are much higher than a regular saving account because you are agreeing to keep your money on deposit with the bank until the credit of deposit matures. If you plan to take out your money, you would be penalised for the same. CD rates tend to follow current and projected interest rates. When interest rates on deposit are expected to rise significantly, long term credit of deposits will have higher rate of interest than shorter t. (read more)