Car paintings are designed to make a huge difference in the way your home, office, showroom or any other environment looks and the way you feel about it, if you are into car art. Car prints will also serve the same purpose, that is of substantially improving the visual aspect of any place you use or live in, be it the office or the study, and it should be known that these prints are the result of many hours of work and creative effort. Most car prints are made from oil paintings, though there are some that were added some watercolors as well. Car paintings originally served the purpose of advertising for car salesmen and putting together car brochures, and this function, which was created at the beginning of the twentieth century didn't change for about seventy years. In England, as opposed to the United States, car paintings as a form of art have a considerable history. But in the States, it wasn't until the beginning of the 1980s that the real forms of automotive art began to manifest. Car paintings are created now by artists who may have had training in art, but did not go from painting portraits and landscapes to painting automobiles, just because they felt the need for a change or they realized that the automotive art market was expending. This is definitely not the case. Car paintings are made by people who have serious knowledge about automobiles. Be it vintage cars, racing cars or elite cars, these paintings are created by people who identify themselves with the automobile genre. However, some car paintings are the result of an artist's work that doesn't relate too much to cars, but sees them as any other subject for an artistic manifestation on canvas. Although automobiles may be either a necessity or a luxury in our lives, they are present in our daily existence and they influence it a great deal. Some of the car paintings created by contemporary artists go to show the impact that automobiles have on our culture and society. Others are painted for the sole purpose of giving automotive art collectors what they want to see and have. For this reason, some car paintings express less of what the artist feels and more of what it is expected from such a work of art. If you want add a personal touch to your office, or even your home, you can try car prints, which are suitable for any of these environments. You will find that car paintings may be quite expensive, as some of them are really old, or created by famous artists whose work is already for collectors exclusively. Car prints are usually high quality and low cost, which makes it safe to say that anyone can get their car prints with the model, year or color they wish. The website promo. Decorating Your Home with Impressionist Paintings A little bit of art in every home is a good thing. Art, especially impressionist paintings, can serve as the color and texture of your home, creating a beautiful as well as inviting and interesting place for your guests as well as you and your family. The. Oil Paintings for Sale - Online Art Galleries Many oil painting artists love spending many hours each day practicing their ability. After they have completed the oil painting, they then want their work to be seen and valued. Many oil painters will sell their oil paintings to private art buyers. These. Important Artists in Black Art Painting Since its conception, art in all of its various forms has been created for the sole purpose of the artist describing for the world his or her personal visions of a person, event, or place. As a result visual works of art leave the viewer with an impressio. American Artists - Painting Cloth-Less Females, Women Wearing No Clothes Antonio Parreiras (1860-1937) was a Brazilian painter. To his credit, he has historical artworks and paintings of females painted in their natural beauty. Under influence of European artists, he had done landscape painting, too. He painted beautiful natur.