Note - quote from this site with caution. Material posted here cannot be constantly verified, due to the public nature of wikis. That said, this wiki is meant to assemble truth! If you find something grossly in error, go ahead and change it. Kadey, PH - [source: christiancomicsinternational] Percy H. Kadey was born on the 19th of November, 1887 in Caradoc, Ontario, Canada. He began his career doing "crayon sketching on the public platform" for teachers' conventions, high schools and other groups. Kadey longed to work in the field of art full-time, but by the time an offer arrived from a prominent company, Christ had come into Kadey's life. Kadey wrote later, "The knowledge of my Lord led to the recognition of a call to full-time service for Him. As the result there came an extended struGovernor General award winner le between the flesh and the Spirit. But the long-suffering Saviour gradually moulded my stubbornness into a yielded will. I gave my little 'all' to Him, crayons included. My lack of genius demanded plenty of perspiration, but I praise God that He has seen fit to sanctify my humble efforts to the praise of His Name." Rev. Kadey and his wife Amelia had six children, and resided in Port Huron, Michigan in the 1910s 20s. The September, 1917 issue of The Christian Workers Magazine, published by the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, featured this notice: "The P. H. Kadey party held a campaign in North Port Huron, Mich., June 17 to July 22, three churches uniting. More than 450 went forward to the altar. The pastors and people are enthusiastic over the results of the work." Many similar notices of his evangelistic work in Michigan and the surrounding states appeared in later issues of this magazine, retitled Moody Monthly, throughout the 1920s. In 1925 Kadey provided several political cartoon illustrations for Dr. B. H. Shadduck's anti-evolution booklets Puddle to Paradise and The Toadstool Among the Tombs, as well as for When Snakes Began to Nurse Their Young (1926) and the anti-Modernist Gee-Haw of the Modern Jehu (1928). By the 1930s Rev. Kadey was residing in Flint, Michigan, and continued with his evangelistic chalk talks over the next few decades, often singing hymns whilst he drew. A sixty page book, Pen Sketch and Poetry, was published by Carl J. Bihl in 1965, the year of Kadey's death. The material therein was derived from his chalk talks. Numerous 1930s Chatelaine covers and fiction illo. Said by editor of Chatelaine to be "of Toronto", June 1932, p. 2. Moved to US? - Exhib Pennsylvania Academy [source - AskArt] "Jack [John] (Edwin) Keay (1907-1999). Artist who contributed a variety of illustrations and covers to Look and Learn. Whe he signed his work, it was usually as "Jack Keay". Jack Keay was born in King's Norton, Worcestershire, on 10 May 1907. Little is known about Keay's career, but he was a popular book cover artist who worked for Pan, Panther, Hutchinson, Fontana and Four Square in the 1957-62 period. Keay illustrated a number of books in the 1970s and 1980s, including The Change of Life by Muriel E. Landau (1971), Gunfighters of the Wild West by Eric Inglefield (1978), American Civil War by Philip Clark (1988), American War of Independence by Philip Clark (1988) and Viking Explorers by Rupert Matthews (1989). He died in Hounslow, London, in 1999, aged 92. Jack Keay is not to be mistaken for John R. [source - Library and Archives] Kerr, Estelle Muriel - Born Toronto, Ontario, 1897; Died 1971 Estelle Kerr studied in Toronto with Mary Ella Dignam and Laura Muntz Lyall, and also at the Art Students League in New York for two years, and at the Académie de la Grande Chaumiere for two years. She sketched in Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Holland during the summers and she published a children's book titled "Little Sam in Volendam." During the First World War she worked as an ambulance driver, and she published the book "The Town Crier of Gevrey" based on her experiences. She contributed many illustrated stories and poems to a number of Canadian and American publications and she illustrated a number of children's books. She did many portraits of children as well as landscapes and figure studies. [source: Canadian Women Artists: History Initiative] Kroll , Leanne, - a freelance Technical Illustrator currently working in the Greater Toronto Area. In 2008 she completed her Bachelor's Degree of Applied Arts in Illustration (Honours) from Sheridan College. She has illustration experience with various subject matters including architecture, material rendering, product illustration, package design, point of purchase displays, conceptual sketches, game package design, 3D modeling and detailed rendering. Her technical illustration experience with isometrics, obliques, perspectives, plan rotation, exploded views, cutaways, phantom views and the ability to render materials (ie. brick, wood, etc.) Select client list includes National Geographic School Publishers, Toronto Transit Commission, Venture Publishing, HOLMES Magazine.