Who won the anchors' nude portraits?From TODAY producer Robin Sindler I recently produced a series where the hosts stepped out of their comfort zones to take on a new skill. "TODAY Takes On" brought the gang back to school, art school, to be precise and they stepped into a class like none they'd ever experienced. Theirs was a lesson in painting the traditional nude (the theme was Adam and Eve) and though they are consummate professionals, even these guys couldn't hide their jitters. What was it like? Let's just say when the models disrobed the room became silent. Dead silent. I've never seen these four so intent on remaining mature and composed. I even worried the segment might turn out slightly boring. Luckily, they loosened up enough to complete their masterpieces and have a little fun in the process. When the class was over we couldn't even get the ladies to put down their brushes. Once the show aired, there was such a huge viewer response that Matt, Al, Ann and Meredith agreed to auction their works on eBay for charity. They raised a whopping $14,451.00 for the New York Academy of Art and Feeding America. So who are the lucky viewers who won the paintings and where do they plan on hanging them? Meredith's Painting: Susan and Mark Butt from Maryland are now the proud owners of Meredith's oil on canvas. They thought it might tickle Meredith to hear someone named Butt bought her nude art. The veterinary pathologist purchased it for his wife's 50th birthday though they did argue about which painting to choose. Susan was attracted to the color and overall composition of Meredith's work. Mark admits he knows absolutely nothing about art. So he says, as usual, his wife got her way. Mark plans on hanging the piece in whatever spot will most embarrass their teenage sons. Ann's Painting: Monica and Rob Dunlop from Washington State say the girls out-painted the boys and she should know - she's an art student at the University of Washington. Monica thought Ann's piece was whimsical and started bidding without telling anyone. At a certain point, she convinced her husband to agree to an early birthday present. When it arrives she plans on hosting a cocktail party to show off her Ann Curry original. Al's Painting: Roy and Mary Van Polanen from South Carolina say they are thrilled to be the new owners of Al's lovely work. Mary worried that some of the wealthier competition might snatch the prize away but her skilled bidding did the trick. As the auction deadline approached she worked two different computers to update her bids. Thinking of her nine-year old daughter, Mary chose Al's because it was the least graphic. This mother is also a flight trauma nurse so she sees people struggling in these difficult economic times. She's thrilled the proceeds will go to feeding the hungry. Matt's Painting: Diana and Steve Shelton from Florida were reading the paper, watching TODAY and enjoying coffee in bed when they decided to bid. This was 10 minutes before the auction closed. Lucky they did because within a few minutes they were the owners of an original Lauer. Like Matt, Steve's an avid golfer and they've even played against each other. That makes two things they have in common. So now that they have it where will they hang their painting? In their bathroom of course! Browsefeatured, heard-it-on-today, klgandhoda, faces-in-the-crowd, matt-lauer, kathie-lee-gifford, hoda-kotb, al-roker, natalie-morales, ann-curry, moment-of-the-day, todays-talk, meredith-vieira, savannah-guthrie, weekend-today, ihoda, favorite-things, today-concert-series, fun-on-the-plaza, life-illustrated, julieanne-smolinski, behind-the-scenes, bobbie-thomas, today-honors, 60-years-of-today, jill-rappaport, jenna-wolfe, where-in-the-world, lester-holt, sara-haines, twitter, kathie-lee, today-staffers, jay-leno, big-news, hoda, amy-robach, royal-wedding, facebook, today-goes-viral, brian-williams, trending-today, anchor-style, happy-birthday-today, jimmy-fallon, sara-in-the-city allDAY is the official TODAY blog, your virtual window to Studio 1A and the people who make America's favorite morning show come alive. Whether it's exchanging views with the anchors and contributors or going behind the scenes with the producers, editors, camera people and more, we'll bring you the buzz here at 30 Rock, and we hope you will make this a regular part of your online routine.